GemiNOS cluster HyperTek flies on 2 x I-260's to 1,812' at GLRMRV !
GemiNOS's HyperTek I-260's

GemiNOS took to the sky at GLRMRV (Great Lakes Regional Meets Revisited Five) at the Tri City Skybusters' Amherst, OHIO field for a fantastic flight to 1,812'.  To see and HEAR what two HyperTek Hybrid motors sound like when they fire simultaneously, download the video clip below! 

Download GemiNOS cluster HyperTEK I-260 flight
"HyperRatt" w/ BoosterVision Camera

November 21, 2004 - A day that will live in infamy!  X-Rocket's 1st On-Board Video attempt is in the books - thank's to Art Upton's most awesome Boostervision camera set-up. 

You can see the "Eye Pod" attached to the outside of the 4" rocket at the electronics bay module.  The A/V signal from the video camera in the Eye Pod is wired to a 2.8 gHz transmitter piggybacked to the Alts-25 dual deployment altimeter board, also in the e-bay.  A 3" rubber ducky antenna sticks out of the side of the rocket to transmit the signal.

Ground crew receiving station

The rocket is "tracked" with a planar hi-gain antenna to boost the signal to the Boostervision receiving module.  The flight can now be captured by video camera, digital recorder etc.  Warren is watching the transmitted LIVE streaming audio and video on Marty's ARCHOS AV-420 digital recorder. 

Marty spliced together the recorded video with a ground-view video shot with a digital camera in video mode to make the X-Rockets OBV video now posted at Boostervision video gallery page.

Go to Boostervision now to view other awesome videos, and order your rocket camera system now AT A REDUCED PRICE!

2 x K-240 HyperTek = L @ 2570 nS


The GemiNOS Clusterd Hybrid finally flew at the Geneseo LDRS23 event this July for an eXcellent flight!  This flight proved that the Clusted configuration of the X-Rockets launcher does the job.  This 24 lb. rocket, 6" diameter ripped off the launcher and dissappeared into the rare blue sky for a perfect dual deployment recovery.  Many thanks to Doug Pratt, Tri-City Skybusters, and BRS for all the help to get this project off the ground. 

Go to "What's New" page to view the cluster launcher configuration.

24# Rocket on 200# Clustered Thrust!
2932' Apogee and Dual Deployment
X-Rockets Cluster Launcher Ready
Closer to the moment of triumph!
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Missiles In Black - Drag Racing Hybrids

M.I.B. Missiles In Black

X-Rocket's Drag Racing Hybrids, will be coming to a launch site near you!