X-Rockets Drop-Down Launcher
Drop-down Launcher for 1.5" & 1.0" Launch Rails

Drop-Down Launcher Basic Kit 1
The Basic Kit 1 comes with a 1.5" Base Rail that attached directly to a 1.5" Launch rail.  A pair of adapter brackets allows the base rail to attach to a 1.0" rail.  This kit DOES NOT come with any fill stems, or flex hoses.  It's $250. 


The unique feature of the X-Rockets drop-down launcher is the design of the blast house and stem fitting "clamp". The triangular shape allows one-handed set up of the tie strap while the house support rail is held up by a retractable bracket.

The rocket must be resting on a "Rocket Stop" affixed to the rail before the spacer bracket is retracted to allow the stem to drop.

Once the tie strap is cinched tight, the spacer bracket is swung out to allow a cushoned drop down of the entire house assembly at motor ignition.

The blast house/support rail moves freely along the slide rail. There is plenty of "slop" to allow stem insertion into an "RG" bell, but is sturdy enough to contain stem movement during liftoff. No lubrication of the slide is required!

To adjust the fill stem for I-K or L motor configurations, the modified stem fitting under the blast house is simply loosened to allow the fill stem to slide up to the proper height. When tightened with a wrench, the fitting acts like a taper lock clamp to grip the stem without ever permanently seating on the stem.

A blast house head/support rail for "M" motor stems is available separately, and fits the basic 1.5" slide assembly.

Please specify I-L or M motor stem configuration with order.

The X-Rockets 1.5" drop-down launcher is available in various "kits" and is shipped fully assembled.

Drop-Down LauncherBasic Kit 1

CLICK HERE to download just the Basic Kit 1 catalog page.

The launcher, base rail, and adapter plates are shipped from X-Rockets fully assembled as shown (not mounted on base rail).  The Basic Kit 1 includes the J/L stem blast house as shown (but not the fill stems). 

For the new combination L/M blast house, add $50 for machining and a 2nd stem fitting - either M, or J/L for cluster configuration.  Go to What's New?  for details. 


Basic Kit 1 = $250
Click on Image to download 2003 Catalog

2004 Product Catalog (2003 prices)

X-Rockets maintains an inventory of sub-assemblies of the Drop-down Launcher, and all the rail kits.  These parts are available to build any custom system. 

Stainless Steel Flex Lines, I-L fill stems, spare base rails, adapters, and fasteners that work with HyperTek and other Hybrid manufactures can be purchased from X-Rockets.  CLICK HERE to download catalog.