New Ignition Technique - Breathe Right Nasal Strips!
Breathe Right srtip on ignition wire

In the never ending quest to perfect ignition of HyperTek Hybrids, Marty D. has found yet another interresting technique - using a Breathe Right nasal strip on the ignition wire end!  What's good for the old nose is even better for holding the cut end of the wire out to touch the grain after setting the rocket over the fill stem at the pad.  It's the springiness of the band, that when wrapped INSIDE OUT does its job. 

After removing the release tape off the strip, position the strip at it's halfway point at the end of the GOX tube.  Wrap the adhesive "wings" around the tube.  Remove the other release tape half, and place the wire over the N20 tube and rest it on the strip.  Wrap the cut wire end with the strip "wings" to hold the cut end out.  Carefully bend it over so it can fit up inside the nozzle when you load the rocket - but not too much to destroy the spring-out effect. 

As you can see in the photo, the strip wings wrapped around the GOX tube act as an insulator for the tip of the wire.  In addition, the wings of vinyl wrapped over the cut end provide a tasty bit of extra fuel during ignition. 

Try this technique when using SOLID 24ga. wire which tends to stay bend down after rocket motor loading as compared to the preferred stranded 24ga.  Either way,  I have found this to be THE METHOD to fire off those pesky FX grains.  The Breathe-Right technique was used on my On-boad video launch.  

Combination Blast House configurations

Combo J/L & M Blast House

Thanks to a request from Doug Pratt for an "M" stem compatible launcher, X-Rockets is now producing a Combination Blast House to accommodate the J/L stem at one end and the M stem at the other. PLUS with the included adapter tube, a two motor cluster is now possible - ALL WITH ONE BLAST HOUSE! 

Build your rocket with (2) 54mm motor tubes on 3.00" centers in a 5.38" or larger airframe for a dual I/J/K hybrid cluster! (Additional items required)

This option is $50 additional, and includes a 2nd stainless stem fitting/clamp!

**NOW AVAILABLE!  Send in your old blast house, and have it machined into the combination L/M blast house.  Specify fitting(s) required.

J/L & M Fill Stems, Hoses for HyperTek system

X-Rockets now stocks J/L and M fill stems that have the special tip for R/G bells.  Assemblies include stems, brass fittings, and -4AN connections.  Hoses have blue and red connectors. NOTE: The clamp collar IS NOT used with the X-Rockets Launcher, and IS NOT being manufactured or shipped with the stems.

J/L fill stem assembly = $ 90

M fill stem assembly =  $100

Stainless Steel Blast House fitting (Specify 3/8" or 1/2") = $35 

10' Stainless/Teflon braided hose pair for NOS & GOX supply = $100


6.0" Hybrid Cluster Demo Rocket - Revised Main Deployment

"GemiNOS" has been redesigned with a new 2-piece main chute section.  The hollow nose will be glued to the first tube shown in light blue.  The separation point is between the end of this first tube (light blue) and a new coupling (red) glued to the top of the upper airframe (cut-away in gold).  This gold upper section is removable with screws to the e-bay so you can mount the ejection charge.  A baffle bulkhead is glued into the gold upper section to give at least a 6" expansion chamber for gas expansion above the e-bay.  The idea is to have the rocket separate right where the main chute is packed.  That way, it will spill out of the tube for a more reliable recovery will either black powder, or CO2 system.

GemiNOS, with twin 54mm mounts on 3" centers, carries twin HyperTek 835cc tanks for a 2570nS MICRO-L motor flight.  Yes those are CAD modeled flames!  CLICK HERE for 2-D CAD drawing,

See you at the Demo!


Revision -A- Main Chute Separation Joint
Click on Image to download Split-Wire instructions

X-Rockets' X'lent Idea No. 2: Split-Wire Ignition!

Looking for a better way to tape the ignition wire onto your fill stem?  Would you like more consistant launches?  Try this variation on your next launch.  You will like it!  We tried it on an L motor - no need to tape wire to grain!

Also,  it's OK to use 2 wire ties.  Sometimes this will produce a hotter ignition as it takes a little longer to burn through.  MAKE SURE the fill stem is not binding in the motor! CLICK HERE. for instructions.


2004 Catalog (2003 prices)

Be sure to download the newest catalog that details the combination blast head, fill stems, and other items.  CLICK HERE.  Thanks for your support!  -mld

LOC Maxi-Magg on J-330 FX grain
LOC Maxi-Magg

X-Rockets and LOC/Precision team up with a stretched version of the popular 5.38" kit Minie-Magg.  Marty Dorociak created a dual deployment version that is only 58" long!  

STIFFY interior couplings were used in the hollow nose, and main chute sections to keep things compact.  This 16# yellow wonder launched to 3114' as reported by the ADEPT Alts 25. 

Look for the Maxi-Magg to become a possible production item.  We love that 5.38" tubing & STIFFY's!

Beautiful thrust!
Love those FX grains!
Reverse Dual Deployment Works!
No Damage - Do Over!

GOX and NOS Tank Special

Looking for gas cylinders?  Contact Barry Lynch at LOC/Precision  for some over-stocked tanks at blow-out prices!